Fact: Hamburger Heaven opened it's doors in May 1948.  An ad in the Elmhurst Leader newspaper announced the opening of Hamburger Heaven and it's menu featuring the "Double Decker Hamburger & Richardson’s Draft Root Beer” To this day we are proud to say we still serve the Double Decker Hamburgers, and the original Richardson Root Beer made in oak barrels
To us, food is synonymous with freshness and quality served in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. We are your quintessential old school walk up diner with delicious food that you can get anytime.  At Hamburger Heaven our food is always made to order utilizing the highest quality ingredients. Voted the best neighborhood favorite for the past 70 plus years, and we plan to continue welcoming new and loyal customers for years to come.


January    Closed

February  10:30am to 2pm

March       10:30am to 7pm

April          10:30am to 8pm

May           10:30am to 9pm

June          10:30am to 10pm

July            10:30am to 10pm

August       10:30am to 10pm

September     10:30am to 9pm

October         10:30am to 8pm

November      10:30am to 7pm

December      10:30am to 7pm

281 N.York Rd Elmhurst IL 60126  (map)


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